The abandoned factory turned into a work of art

Three young artists in Bosnia Herzegovina have turned a derelict factory into a stunning art gallery.

EDGAR staff October 13, 2015

Here at EDGAR, we’ve long been intrigued by the beauty of abandoned places. From these haunting images of Chernobyl 30 years after the nuclear disaster, to this eerie Russian space shuttle hangar, there’s something special about a place that has been left to decay, devoid of human intervention for years.

However, perhaps even more interesting than somewhere that has been completely abandoned is somewhere that has been salvaged after years of neglect, like this amazing abandoned factory-turned-art-gallery in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

After being left to rack and ruin by its previous tenants, the factory was seen as the ideal project for three young artists, who promptly set about turning it into a walkthrough art exhibition.

The trio of artists (known collectively as HAD – an acronym of their names: Hamo, Anel and Dama) used a precise wall-cutting technique, chipping away at worn cement and brickwork to create incredibly detailed murals.

After painstakingly creating the murals, HAD opened up the factory as an art exhibition in August this year.

The group is now working on another slightly different project, this time outdoors on prominent city centre walls, and if they’re half as stunning as the works in this factory, we can’t wait to see them.