Window to the past: stunning abandoned places

This photographer captures the eerie beauty of abandoned places before nature reclaims them forever.

EDGAR staff September 8, 2015

There is something inherently intriguing about abandoned places. What were they used for? And, more importantly, why were they abandoned?

It is this same sense of intrigue that photographer Anna Mika has tapped into with her beautiful yet haunting images of buildings that have been left to decay over years of abandonment. 

The 25-year-old took the snaps in various derelict locations around her native Poland and elsewhere in Europe, including churches, factories, mines and medical centres.

One of Mika's most haunting photographs is of the crumbling 14th-century St George's church in Lukova, Czech Republic, which features ghostly, hooded figures in the aisles or hunched over pews.

According to Mika, the sculptures were placed there by an artist, in a bid to save the church from ruin.

Here's a selection of the talented photographer's most haunting shots:

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