Dubai’s been scalped by tape artist Max Zorn

The global street artist has hit the UAE and put some local artwork up for sale, all made with packing tape and a scalpel.

Neil Churchill April 25, 2016

It’s been almost two years since we first told you about Max Zorn’s skills with nothing more than packing tape and a scalpel, and we’re still in absolute awe of his talent.

Now the Dutch tape artist has gone through what is fast becoming a right of passage for street artists, and visited Dubai. He’s even put some of his work up for sale at the local SoH Art+Beauty Gallery.

On display until the end of summer, Zorn’s intricate artworks include some new local pieces of Dubai’s famous Marina and Downtown skylines. 

Emerging in 2011, Zorn’s urban style of art involved him fixing his tape displays to street lamps in the dead of night, when the glow of the light bulb would illuminate his work. His unique style quickly appeared across many European cities, while his identity remained unknown.

With just a surgeon’s scalpel and ordinary brown packing tape, Zorn uses layering to bring his works to life. Applied on acrylic glass that allows the work to be backlit, the level of warmth and contrast he gets from such simple tools is incredible.

When you consider how low his overheads must be, Zorn’s obviously as savvy a businessman as he is an artist, with prices for his Dubai pieces starting at AED 20,000. Still, for his level of talent and the exclusivity of these local artworks, we'd say that's an absolute steal. 

Max Zorn’s artworks are on sale now at Galleria Mall, Al Wasl Rd, Dubai.