Dubai’s urbex explorers now have a TV show

Those crazy guys who climb the world’s tallest buildings are now up close and personal on Red Bull TV.

Neil Churchill August 7, 2016

In May last year, a video went viral of a guy leaping across ledges on top of a Dubai Marina skyscraper.

The sheer audacity, absurdness and certainty of death should he have slipped or stumbled, was enough to make the average viewer feel sufficiently queasy.

In fact if that’s how it made you feel – and you can watch it below if you’ve not seen it yet – then you may struggle to watch a new TV show by Red Bull, which features the ledge jumping man in question, Oleg Cricket. 

Urbex – which stands for urban exploration, and can be used in a photography sense as we’ve previously explored – is an eight part series documenting the daring and dizzying world of this new breed of adrenaline seekers. 

For the uninitiated, the standard criteria is to infiltrate a super-tall structure or building, find a way to the rooftop and then proceed to take nerve-inducing footage while performing amateur acrobatics inches from the edge.

The show isn’t just a glorification of stunning vistas and dicing-with-death experiences though, it also looks at the lives of the explorers involved and questions what it is that drives them to risk their lives. Something we've been wondering ever since we first heard of Oleg.

Dubai, Moscow, Toronto and Melbourne are just some of the cities that feature on the Red Bull TV show, with POV footage and observational angles sure to give you minor heart palpitations as you sit and watch from the safety of your sofa. 

Urbex is available now on, the Red Bull app or on Smart TV.

We’ll be covering the rise of urban exploration and the business behind today’s generation of go-preneurs in an upcoming issue of EDGAR Middle East, so stay tuned.