Funniest photos from the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

PHOTOS: The hilarious winners of the first Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.

EDGAR staff January 13, 2016

When it comes to photography, nature often provides the most captivating subject, from these stunning underwater images, to some of the best photographs of nature in all its glory

Photography doesn't always have to be serious to be good, though - as is quite spectacularly proved by these hilarious snaps from the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.

In an attempt to find the funniest photos from the world of nature, the organisers offered an all-expenses-paid safari to Tanzania, plus Nikon cameras for the runners-up. 

They got back some truly weird and wonderful submissions. Here are the best of them:


Wildlife comedy awards hamster.jpg 'Rush Hour' by Julian Rad.


Wildlife comedy awards runner up.jpg 'You Didn't See Me...' by Liam Richardson.

Third place

Wildlife comedy awards bronze.jpg 'Nearly Got It' by Oliver Dreike.

Highly commended

Wildlife comedy awards dacing monkey.jpg 'Dancing Sifaki' by Alison Buttigieg.
Wildlife comedy awards meercat.jpg 'Did I Really Do That Last Night?' by Yuzuru Masunda.
Wildlife comedy awards bird.jpg 'Geronimo' by Charlie Davidson.
Wildlife comedy awards squirrel.jpg 'Kung Fu Squirrel' by Julian Rad.
Wildlife comedy awards owls.jpg 'Sorry... Am I In Your Way?' by Megan Lorenz.
Wildlife comedy awards owls hiding.jpg 'Two's Company, Three's A Crowd...' by Graham McGeorge.
Wildlife comedy awards hippo.jpg 'Help... Mum! Driven Hippo-Potty-Mus' by Marc Mol.
Wildlife comedy awards monkeys.jpg 'Last Tango' by Tony Dilger.
Wildlife comedy awards seal.jpg 'It's Not Funny... I've Got Cramp In My Flipper' by Julie Hunt.
Wildlife comedy awards chetah.jpg 'Be Different' by Mohammed Alnaser.