Shortlist revealed for 2016 Sony World Photography Awards

IMAGES: It's no surprise that these photographs are jaw-droppingly good.

Neil Churchill February 28, 2016

With 12 megapixel camera phones, Instagram filters and airbrushing apps, nowadays we all like to think we’re semi-pro photographers.

The truth is though, put a proper manual SLR in most people’s hands, and it would give them the same helpless feeling they had when they first learned to ride a bike. 

But maybe that means, somewhat ironically, that today’s generation can appreciate the art of real photography like never before. Even when there are exhibitions dedicated to iPhone pictures.

The Sony World Photography Awards are an annual reminder of how rubbish we all really are at taking anything more than a blurred brunch snap to justify a hashtag. Hosted by the World Photography Organisation, this year’s contest attracted over 230,000 entries from 186 countries, with the images divided between professional, open and youth categories.

The overall winners will be announced on April 21st. Until then, here are some of the shortlisted favourites below. 

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