Shot on iPhone 6s launches in the UAE

IMAGES: All photos are taken on the Apple device, and are now on billboards across 26 countries. 

Neil Churchill February 11, 2016

The world of camera phones has come a long way since the days of grainy shots on a 2-megapixel flip phone.

So far in fact that there are now gallery exhibits to photos taken with a phone. Apple, unsurprisingly, is leading the pack and as of today its second such global exhibit is live. 

‘Shot on iPhone 6s’ hit the streets of the UAE, and the rest of the world, on February 11, with images taken by the device’s 12-megapixel lens appearing on billboards across the globe. 

The gallery of iPhone photos (hopefully no selfies) comprises of 53 images taken by 41 people, and will appear in 85 cities across 26 countries. Not bad exposure from what might have been a throwaway holiday snap.

This year’s campaign has taken a human approach with a focus on people, using a mix of images taken by both professional photographers and everyday iPhone 6s users. 

Here are some of the best: 

To see more of the photos, videos and panoramas: