The artist who twists metal at M.A.D.Gallery Dubai

Chinese artist Xia Hang's exhibit Sleep Walker is a commentary on the relationship between simulated 3D technology and reality.

Neil Churchill October 31, 2016

The M.A.D. Gallery in Dubai has had a busy opening year. From launching MB&F’s Dubai watch to its exploding cars exhibit, the new gallery has turned quite a few heads and truly stuck to its name in doing so.

M.A.D. of course stands for Mechanical Art Devices, and sure enough everything that has gone on display in the Alserkal Avenue space has been just that.

True to form is the latest exhibition by Chinese artist Xia Hang. Titled ‘Sleep Walker’ the exclusive exhibit showcases the artist’s complex metal sculptures, which have been crafted from steel, and is a commentary on the relationship between simulated 3D technology and reality. 

A master sculptor, Xia Hang is said to enjoy the malleability of steel and is able to manipulate the metal into unconventional shapes. There are 10 of his works on show at ‘Sleep Walker’, some of which span up to two metres in size. 

A graduate of China’s Central Academy of Fine Arts, Hang is a pioneer in the adoption of ‘sculpture of play’ as a form of artistic creation. Cartoons and online games often influence his works, which are born out of a sense of play.

A core element to his work is the concept of disassembling and reassembling, where Hang’s sculptures can be taken apart and put back together, mirroring the concept of play with a modern material such as steel.

M.A.D.Gallery founder and creator Maximilian Büsser – founder of MB&F – said: “We are always on the lookout for unique artists who can juxtapose creativity and artistic integrity to create works of mechanical art and in Xia Hang we have met a kindred spirit who is not afraid to challenge the status quo”. 

Sleep Walker is on show from 18th October - January 2017 at M.A.D.Gallery Dubai.