What’s on Paul Smith’s playlist?

The British designer raids his iPod for music to accompany his latest collection. 

Robert Chilton February 1, 2016

Paul Smith has always been a barometer of cool when it comes to clothes. 

But judging by the songs he selected to accompany his new Fall Winter collection for 2016 in London, he’s got a pretty sharp ear too.

Smith’s show featured bold reds and greens – and dinosaur prints – and the music was similarly strong. Read on to see the pop that Paul picked.

Highway To Hell - AC/DC
Big vocals and even bigger guitars shook the fashion crowd down to its polished loafers. 

Should I Stay Or Should I Go - The Clash
An energetic call to arms that raises the hairs on the back of your neck every time. 

Fools Gold - The Stone Roses
A trippy tune with underlying funk from Manchester’s indie darlings. 

Another One Bites The Dust – Queen
One of the best, thumping bass lines ever recorded, the models had no trouble strutting to this one. 

Sympathy For The Devil - Rolling Stones
A classic rock anthem that everyone can sing along to – almost. 

Under Pressure - Queen and David Bowie
A second track from Queen, this time featuring the vocals of David Bowie alongside Freddie Mercury. One of rock’s greatest collaborations. 

Step On - The Happy Mondays
A rumbling shoe-gazing beat marriesperfectly with a tinkling piano on this tune from Shaun Ryder and his crew. 

Come Together - The Beatles
Shut your eyes, take a deep breath and find your inner self with this blissful 1969 hit from the Liverpool lads. 

Oh You Pretty Things - David Bowie
A fitting and touching tribute to the style icon and music genius ends Smith’s show.