Dubai exhibit documents Saudi artist’s local road trip

Emotion & Motion: Driving his Cadillac, Hussain Daghriri turned his journey through the Kingdom into a colourful exhibition.

Neil Churchill February 9, 2017

Road trips are one of life’s greatest pleasures. If you get the right blend of vehicle, company, reason and route, what is ultimately an A to B journey becomes far more than just a drive.

For one Saudi Arabian storyteller, documenting his recent six-day road trip across the southern regions of his homeland was too tempting to resist. The result is a vivid and energetic photography exhibition being shown in Al Khazan Park, Dubai, this weekend. 

Hussain Daghriri’s exhibit – Emotion & Motion – is his first outside of Saudi, and documents the stories of the Kingdom’s indigenous people and culture, particularly their folklore dances. Using a unique style, Daghriri captured the movement and colour of the dances he encountered.

Driving his Cadillac, Daghriri passed through the Al Baha valleys, the Rub Al Khali Desert, Al Ta’if, Abha and the coastal city of Jazan.

Here’s just a sample from the exhibit. 

Emotion & Motion, Al Khazan Park Dubai, until Saturday 11th February.