EDGAR on the radio: Why you should watch Wonder Woman

This week on The Ticket's Just For Boys show, EDGAR and Dubai Eye discuss the new Wonder Woman flick.

June 6, 2017

You want to be informed on all things luxury and otherwise but don’t have the time to sift through a magazine and you’d rather not give in to your inner millennial by logging into and surfing through your Facebook feed for your news. 

What do you do?

Listen to the radio while you’re on the move. Specifically, The Ticket’s Just for Boys show on Dubai Eye 103.8, as EDGAR's editor-in-chief Robert Chilton takes to the airwaves to educate you. 

This week, EDGAR reviews Wonder Woman; tests the new Wonderboom speaker, and previews a new photography exhibition in Dubai. Plus there’s the new fragrance from Ex Nihilo; food at Folly in Souk Madinat and man wisdom from Guy Ritchie.

Listen to the whole segment below:

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