Travel in style with these designer books

Tokyo, Mexico and Hawaii are the three destinations in Louis Vuitton's new collection of artistic travel books with a difference

Robert Chilton August 19, 2017

A Croatian comic book artist, a French illustrator and a trio of German pixel art specialists are the artists behind three new remarkable travel books from Louis Vuitton.  

But these are not your average travel books with restaurant tips or information on what sights to see. These books are the artistic vision of cities or countries, designed to offer a new contemporary perspective on travel.


The three new books focus on Mexico, Hawaii and Tokyo and join a collection that began in 2013 with London, Paris, Easter Island and New York.  


Among the new books is the lush green paradise of Hawaii as seen through the eyes of the Croat Esad Ribic who has previously drawn for Marvel Comics. Mexico and its teeming streets is the subject for French comic book artist Nicolas de Crecy, while Tokyo has been presented in pixel form by Svend Smital, Steffen Sauerteig and Kai Vermehr whose book includes depictions of sumo wrestlers, geisha girls and a crowded metro train.  


Books start at AED 180 each, or a signed and numbered collector's edition for AED 10,000;