Check Out The Highest Rooftop Bar In Dubai

Take in the wide sweeping views with wines and cocktails you’ve never heard of – welcome to 40 Kong at the H Hotel.

Neil Churchill May 31, 2014


To hold the title of highest rooftop bar is no mean feat in a city that boasts too many skyscrapers to mention. There are of course other buildings defying greater gravity, but to have drinks on the roof – there is nothing above you but the building’s warning light – 40 floors above the bustling metropolis of Dubai is a genuinely new experience.

The bar runs the length of the venue, with its bright orange façade offset by dark wood furniture and panel decking. Despite the rooftop's relatively small size, the management has done well to create three separate areas: bar seating; a raised table dining area in the sunken middle; and laidback lounging on comfy cushioned seating that occupies half the venue.

Obviously 40 Kong’s selling point is its height, and therefore, its view. Granted, the view from the lift looking down to Sheikh Zayed Road and across the World Trade Centre is pretty special, but once in the bar the view can be hard to, well, see. In order to look down at the ants below – as is one’s want when up that high – be sure to secure some of the soft seating on the very edge.

Despite its height, it is 40 Kong’s styling that is its strength. Forget the overused luxury adornments you find in most places, it has a more industrial and suave appearance. The DJ’s tunes play through contemporary shaped speakers while there are several plants tucked into the corners and nooks. 


EDGAR can’t remember the last menu we tried which wasn’t a sharing concept. But as long as they’re as tasty as 40 Kong’s then we don’t mind. From its range of tempting starters, we recommend the crispy squid, potato wedges with truffle and parmigiano, beef tartare and lobster crostini. The few but select mains include a tender grilled veal rack, wagyu strip loin and salmon teriyaki.


Don’t be fooled by the drinks menu’s small stature, for there is real quality inside. Also don’t expect to find a cocktail you know the name of – most are modern concoctions while the few traditional options are kicked with modern twists. You won’t find the usual suspects on the wine list either, and like it’s styling, that’s what makes 40 Kong well worth the visit.

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