Cigar Pairing: Gurkha Grand Reserve & Shiner Bock beer

EDGAR's resident cigar expert on part 2 of his cigar and drink pairings.

May 3, 2015

After traveling in the Texas heat, flying over drilling rigs and driving on county roads, there isn't a better traditional lunch in Lake Brownwood, Texas, than a sizzling barbecue rib-eye steak.

It might sound unusual, but there is no better refreshment to pair with a cigar in this scenario than an ice cold beer. Terry Goodman from Heartland Drilling and I, would like with share to you our recent cigar and beer experience in the Lone Star State.

The cigar
Gurkha, without any doubt is a top-of-the line brand of Dominican cigar, hand-rolled from the finest tobaccos grown in the Cibao Valley of the Dominican Republic. The Louis XIII line is one of the finest that Gurkha makes. The Grand Reserve (copper wax seal) features a premium Connecticut shade wrapper, and each cigar is infused with fine Louis XIII Cognac, resulting in a unique, subtle, pleasant and light finish that is refreshing to your palate. cigar beer pairing.

Not dipped, sprayed or injected, this process is entirely unique, resulting in an extraordinarily mellow, subtle and refined taste that has not been duplicated by any other cigar maker. The bitterness of the brewed, rich, roasted barley malt and German hops enhance the note of the cigar and complement each other, delivering to your palate a pronounced flavour intensity and endless refreshment in every sip.

The beer
While cigars have long been associated with whiskey, they’re just as well matched with craft beer. This pairing experience possesses endless combinations and is now reproducing theories, opinions and personal tastes for combining cigars with craft beer. It is a personal experience - what one fancies, another despises; what some embrace, others refuse.

Some say there are rules one should follow when pairing beer with cigars. Shared wisdom tell us that dark beer will often pair well with a Maduro Robusto. Rules like this can be a good start but, I think you’ll do better to follow your own taste and discover the hidden secrets of pairing. Feel free to enjoy the practice of pairing cigars and beers, no matter the consequences. Sometimes you’ll be disappointed, other times enchanted or surprised, we just have to try. But you don’t need to be a cigar expert to enjoy a fine cigar and a beer.

If you don’t believe me... ask the ashtray. Armando Nunez is from Marz Global. Visit