Gordon Ramsay talks about his new Dubai restaurant

EDGAR puts the star chef on the spot to find out more about Bread Street Kitchen Dubai, and his loves of marathons.

November 8, 2015

So Gordon, what should we order at Bread Street Kitchen?

Honestly, I really couldn’t pick just one dish. The grilled scallop of eel is delicious, try the most amazing tamarind chicken wings, and I’m excited abut the stunning king crab salad and pink peppercorn sauce.

I hope there is something for everyone, whether it’s a beautiful grilled rib eye with the thickest chunkiest chips you ever eaten or a simple stone bass ceviche. 

Is there a new ingredient on the menu that you're particularly excited about using? 

Pomegranate seeds and molasses. 

Have you adapted the London menu for a Middle East audience?

I’ve spent a lot of time in Dubai over the past 14 years, I really appreciate the local influences, such as the subtle spice elements. Tapping into the culture and the local produce and mixing it with a little bit of London and the cool Britannia vibe is what we are bringing to Dubai with BSK.

Bread Street Kitchen will open next to other hip restaurants at Atlantis. How do you feel about that? 

I’m very confident that BSK will slot in well with the other heavyweights of the culinary scene in Atlantis. Based on the mega reputations these restaurants already have with Ossiano, Locatelli and Nobu, you have some phenomenal chefs there.

To be part of this scene and rub shoulders with some of the best chefs, anywhere in the world is a dream come true. 

 There are many top name chefs operating in this town, does that encourage you to raise your game with BSK in Dubai?

You are right, Dubai has become a magnet for every top chef in the world right now and that’s so exciting. It is one of the most exciting and prominent foodie cities anywhere in the world.

As a chef you are always raising your game, to deliver the best you can for your customers so I hope we will always continue to improve. 

Where does Dubai sit in the league table of world foodie cities?  

I’d say it’s is now on a par with some fantastic foodie destinations such as New York, London and Paris. The footfall of customers is amazing and the cuisine is exceptional.

You’ve become a bit of a marathon addict – how many have you completed so far?

I have now done two Los Angeles marathons, ten UK marathons, two Comrade marathons in South Africa (90km), one marathon in France, one Iron Man in Hawaii, and 113km races in Las Vegas, Seattle and the UK. 

And you do triathlons too - which is your strongest segment?

It depends on the weather and the environment. The swim is always the hardest but I enjoy running marathons; it gives you great time to think! 

Details: atlantisthepalm.com/bread-street-kitchen