Man skills: 10 tips to BBQ like a man

Essential advice on barbecuing from the head chef at Abu Dhabi’s Fanr Restaurant.

EDGAR staff April 9, 2015

With spring having very much sprung here in the UAE, the next few months before the onset of baking hot summer are prime time for that most manly of pursuits: the barbecue.

We're not sure if it's the juicy red meat, the fire or simply the power of being the one to wield the tongs, but there has always been something that draws men to barbecues like moths to a flame.

However, despite man's apparent natural disposition to barbecuing, not everyone has the innate ability to stoke up the barbie and cook up a feast, so we spoke to Executive Chef Hareesh Gopalan, at Abu Dhabi's Fanr Restaurant, and got his top 10 tips for barbecue brilliance.

All about the ingredients

Make sure that you choose fresh and high-quality ingredients, especially when it comes meat, fish and seafood. Don’t forget vegetables are also really tasty on a barbecue too!

Fear the flame

Barbecuing takes patience and concentration. The coals on the barbecue need to be white hot, grey and glowing before cooking, and absolutely not still flaming. bbq tips Don't overdo it

Not everything has to be cooked all the way through. Whereas chicken should always be cooked through, a nice cut of lean steak can be still pink in the middle and is fine to eat. Always test for the ‘doneness’ of the meat by cutting into it with a sharp knife or skewer.

Get organised

Make sure you keep organised around your barbecue and that you have enough space to work with. It is vital that raw meat is kept separated from the cooked meats to avoid any food poisoning disasters.

Know your cuts

Choosing the best cut of meat is another essential element to barbecuing. Personally, I tend to choose from sirloin, rib eye or cub roll cuts. These are my favourites!

Give it a rest

However tempting it is to dive straight into a steak hot of the grill, if it's left for five minutes to rest before eating, the juiciness increases tenfold.

Don't leave it hanging

Leaving food out in direct sunlight is a big no-no, as it will start to cook slowly, not only ruining the taste and texture, but also having the potential to make people ill. BBQ tips Never cook from frozen

Never, ever cook meat from frozen on a barbecue. While the intense heat may make it look cooked, it will almost certainly be still raw on the inside, which is a recipe for an upset stomach.

Max out the flavour

Marinating the ingredients is key to the success of a great barbeque. I recommend marinating meat and fish overnight to make sure that the flavours have really absorbed and don’t get overpowered by the smoky barbecue taste.

Tool up

The correct utensils should always be used while grilling to give the most control and reduce the chances of any ingredients being dropped between the grill bars. I prefer spatulas for burgers and tongs for everything else.

Details: If this seems too much like hard work, Fanr Restaurant runs a barbecue evening every Friday from 7pm-11pm until the end of May. Visit