Man skills: 5 recipes for manly cocktails

On the eve of the UAE World Class final, we asked mixologist Jason Clark to demonstrate five cocktails for the EDGAR man.

May 31, 2015

If cocktails are your thing then this weekend should be the highlight of your year. June 1st is the UAE World Class final – the regional event of the global cocktail making competition to find the world’s best bartender. The regional winner will compete in the Diageo Reserve World Class final in Cape Town in September.

Four qualifying rounds have already taken place across some of Dubai’s best-loved cocktail bars, including Zuma, Iris, Coya and Zengo, with the semi-finals happening this evening.

We thought it was appropriate then to learn how to make some manly cocktails and turned to local mixologist Jason Clark, World Class Global finalist 2013 & 2014, to ask his advice…

Bedtime Tail - a modern twist on Nanna’s Nightcap 

Glass: Vintage crockery mug & saucer
40ml Johnnie Walker Black label
30ml Date walnut muscovado liqueur
135ml full cream milk
2x Dash walnut bitters
Grating of fresh nutmeg

Add all ingredients to Nespresso aeroccino, heat & froth, pour into heated mug.
Garnish: Walnut shell stuffed with date & walnut. Cinnamon dust. Accompany with oat cookies.

Gold Fashioned - a smoked, honeyed and spiced Old Fashioned

(Pre-batched in barrel, in batches of 60 drinks) Individual formula equals:
Glass: Old Fashioned
50ml Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve
10ml Clover honey syrup
2x dash clove infused orange bitters
15ml Antipodes mineral water (accounts for dilution element of classic old fashioned)
Pour 75ml over hand chipped ice block

Garnish: chocolate melted to glass edge & orange zest
Smoke under a class chamber with whiskey barrel woodchips and present to guest on a saucer by removing cloche to reveal smoke.

Bangin Bloody Mary – man sized Mary for that shaky morning after

50ml Ketel One vodka
90ml tomato juice
30ml pureed roasted red pepper,
3 dashes Habanero hot sauce
7.5ml manuka-smoked barbecue sauce
Pinch of smoked sea salt
Pinch of cracked pepper
1 lemon wedge
4 basil leaves.

Garnish: lemon wedge, a skewered pickled onion, gherkin, a beef and chilli meatball, and fresh basil and baby coriander shoots.
Add everything to a mason jar and shake with ice. Taste and adjust spiciness by adding either more chilli or more tomato juice.

How do you like your steak? Blue! – decadence and luxury combine to highlight depth complexity and gaminess

Glass: Vintage Cocktail
40ML Wagyu beef & truffle butter washed with Johnnie Walker Blue Label
10ml Antica Formula
5ml cherry liqueur
Dash cherry bitters
Stir over ice & strain

Garnish: Pinot noir cherry & chocolate bitters mist inside the glass

Chocolate liquor ball – a decadent chocolate and spices experience enhanced with Ron Zacapa 23 Guatemalan rum.

50ml Ron Zacapa 23 rum
15ml Bols dark Cacao
5ml Mayan Spiced syrup – cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, allspice, mezcal
30ml cold brew coffee

Prepare a saucer with a coaster & a teaspoon. To the side of this place a chocolate sphere on a small glass ramakin containing 20ml of coffee liqueur. Stir &strain into the sphere using a small funnel. Decorate sphere by lightly blowtorching then sprinkling with pop rocks and freeze dried raspberry powder.

Gently inject approx. 50ml of butterscotch cream. Add a small straw & place onto the saucer. Optional: Add a small nugget of dry ice to the coffee liqueur to create coffee aroma
To imbibe, sip the cocktail through the straw.

Once finished crack open ball with the teaspoon and eat chocolate and sip the coffee liqueur but only once dry ice has stopped steaming.