Burj Al Arab gets a golden new bar

Gold on 27 will offer highly unusual cocktails, with bookings and access through the bar’s app.

Neil Churchill March 29, 2016

It’s fair to say that Dubai’s ‘seven-star hotel’ is going through a period of renovation this year. But that’s to be expected, as it’s hardly changed a thing since it first opened its gilded doors in 1999.

First it announced the North Deck – a 10,000m platform extension off the base of the building, to incorporate new pools, a restaurant and bar.

Then, top British chef Nathan Outlaw was unveiled to be behind a new restaurant – as yet unnamed – that will give the luxury hotel a more ‘comfortable and accessible’ dining option.

And now, after 18 months in the making, a new bar is opening that doesn’t sound very comfortable or that accessible either, but it is extremely ‘Dubai’: Gold on 27.

The simply named bar – no points for guessing which metal dominates the interior or which floor it is on – will open on 8th April, after 18 months in the making. 

The initial images suggest James Bond’s 1964 nemesis Goldfinger was given the role of chief stylist. The yellow metal shimmers off the ceiling, walls and seating. You may be forgiven for the fashion faux pas of keeping your sunnies on inside, to reduce the glare.

Aside from pushing up the value of precious metals, Gold on 27 will also be home to some boundary-pushing mixology. Questionable ingredients such as truffle oil, goat cheese, oud oil and foie gras will be used. However that’s as much food as you’re likely to see, as the bar won’t be serving any meals, which by default means it becomes Burj Al Arab’s first proper bar - and smoking will be allowed too.

DJ Darko will be on hand to play deep, soulful house music, as you sit by the window and admire what will undoubtedly be a stunning view from the hotel’s highest floor.

Perhaps the coolest aspect of the whole venue though is how you enter. Dubai residents and visitors will need to download the bar’s app, which will be used to check availability and make a reservation.

Then on approach to the hotel’s security entrance, Bluetooth will notify the hotel that you have arrived and voila, access to Dubai’s newest and shiniest bar will be granted. Maybe it will be an accessible bar after all. 

Go to goldon27.com