Burj Al Arab to get a luxury sea level extension

The North Deck will have enough space for two swimming pools, a restaurant and bar. All hail the new hotspot for sundowners.

Neil Churchill January 20, 2016

For years it’s be known as the world’s only seven-star hotel. A ridiculous statement of course, as officially there is no such thing.

But the Burj Al Arab is taking its superior level of luxury up a notch with the development of an open air, sea level extension.

Dubbed ‘North Deck’, the 10,000m platform will extend 100 metres from the hotel into the Arabian Gulf. It will hold a restaurant and bar, have space for 32 cabanas and 400 sun loungers, and not one but two swimming pools – one fresh water, the other salt.

The extension is currently being shipped over from Finland where it was constructed. The deck, which weighs 5,000 tonnes, should arrive in mid-February after it’s completed the 8,000 nautical mile journey, with an opening date sometime in Q2. 

Anthony McHale, general manager of the Burj Al Arab, said: “We are hugely excited about its arrival - North Deck is a true reflection of Dubai’s own ambition to provide the most outstanding experience for guests visiting and living in Dubai.”

The installation process has been designed to cause minimal impact to the marine environment. The platform's structure will provide shade for local fish, while steel piles that will be used in the construction are known to attract and form undersea ecosystems.

Robert Swade, CEO of the Jumeirah Group, said: "This is the first time a structure of this nature and size has been built in one country and then transported to another country to be assembled and operated. We are really pushing the boundaries of innovation."

One thing's for sure, Dubai just got a beast of a new hotspot for sundowners.

For more, visit jumeirah.com/burj-al-arab.