Roll up: The Turtleneck Club launches in Dubai

In partnership with EDGAR and Cocktail Kitchen, a new style-focussed night has opened in the city.

November 21, 2016

The turtleneck has long been an enigma in male menswear circles. Discarded by many, even the few who are bold enough to wear one only do so on a semi-regular basis.

It may never have generated the love of a crisp button-down shirt but also never the hate of double denim or tie dye; the roll neck is not so much the Marmite of the male fashion world as it is the small ball of wasabi in your sushi box.

But the on-going hipster trend has given the neck warming-jumper as good a chance as ever for being taken seriously, and helping its cause in Dubai is the arrival of The Turtleneck Club. 

Rather than acting as an elite coming together for the ultra hip, The Turtleneck Club is a call for those who appreciate life as it once was, when letters were hand-written and booze had a bite. 

The nomadic pop-up aims to appeal to those with a fondness for unexpected moments and intellectual stimulation, providing them with a place to meet fellow fashion-aware and culturally refined individuals, through the medium of exquisite cocktails. 

Spotting the need for such an outlet of creativity, EDGAR has paired up with Cocktail Kitchen to bring The Turtleneck Club to the UAE, and it all begins this week.

On Wednesday 23rd November, an exclusive reception followed by dinner and cocktails will celebrate the inaugural visit of the club, at the popular JLT bar. There will also be poetry reading, a photo booth and the DJ will be playing music on vinyl from the 1950s through to the ’70s.

As ever, gentleman’s attire is required which in this scenario means turtlenecks only – no exceptions. Recognition for best dressed of the evening will be bestowed upon the most deserving. 

If you’re in any doubt of your sartorial level and consider the turtleneck to be outside your metaphorical wardrobe, let alone the physical, just remember the golden rule: more Becks, less Timberlake. 

Wednesday, 23rd November, 7pm exclusive reception with main event from 8pm. AED 350 inclusive per person. Cocktail Kitchen, Armada Hotel, JLT Cluster P.

To make a reservation: [email protected] | +971 56 828 0727