The art of coffee: When, what and how

No it's not okay to order a cappuccino after 11am.

April 14, 2016

Are you one of the 'all the gear, no idea' coffee drinkers? Most of us are to be honest.

While it's easy enough to get into coffee in the first place and then become a regular two cups a day kind of guy, there's a much bigger step to be made to achieve expert levels of coffee knowledge. Knowing when to have what type of coffee, with the variants of bean and how it should be brewed, well that's real barista wisdom. 

So we asked Coffee Planet's expert roast master, Cleia Junqueira, for her tips on planning your day through coffee. Here's how a pro does it. 

7am: When I crawl out of bed in the morning, I need a slap in the face, a strong coffee that kicks me into shape before I've finished the cup. I would recommend a deep, rich Indonesian coffee from Sumatra. It works beautifully when brewed in a simple French press and is a lovely way to kick start the day. 

11am: As coffee works as a digestive, it’s good practice to drink a mid-morning brew to get your body ticking over. I’d recommend a bright, citrus coffee with a honey sweetness such as our UTZ certified organic blend.

With this coffee, I would use a Delonghi Latte Crema bean to cup machine for a clean extraction and consistently delicious cup of freshly roasted coffee every time. 

3pm: The afternoon is one of the times in the day when a lull in concentration may occur at work and a little pick-me-up is needed, therefore I’d recommend opting for a balanced and tasty coffee. My favourite option would be Kenya brewed with an Aeropress. 

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Aeropress – it is a plastic mechanic that pushes the coffee through a paper filter and the result is a very clean tasting cup of coffee blended with a lot of the natural sugars. Interestingly it was invented by those who invented the Aerobie Frisbee (an '80s phenomenon).

When you team up the Aeropress with a balanced Kenya, its smoother than Lionel Richie eating French toast!

9pm: The after-dinner thing can go one of two ways. Firstly, if you struggle getting to sleep at night or if you’re greatly affected by caffeine, then I would strongly recommend a decaf coffee. Serve it Macchiato style with a dollop of steamed milk to take the edge off.

If you’re a fearless caffeine consumer, then there is nothing better than enjoying a long dinner followed by an espresso. Luckily restaurants are beginning to see the benefits of investing in good-quality espresso because it is the final lasting impression they will have on the customer. 

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