The Chedi Muscat turns French for one night

Muscat’s luxury hotel will take part in Gout de France, with a special one-off menu dedicated to French cuisine.

Neil Churchill February 29, 2016

With its white walls, water features and high archways, The Chedi Muscat is about as Omani as hotels come - which is why we love it

But on the 21st March, it will instead become as French as a striped-topped waiter serving vin rouge on the Champs-Élysées, holding a baguette under his arm and a croissant in his pocket, humming La Marseillaise. 

The luxury Muscat hotel has been selected to take part in the second annual culinary event Gout de France - that’s, Good France.

An initiative by the French government, one thousand selected chefs around the world will simultaneously take part to raise awareness of the cheese-loving nation’s superior cooking skills (like we needed reminding). Celeb chef and Frenchman Alain Ducasse has added his name to the international cook-off. 

Carrying the baton for The Chedi will be French-born executive chef Sébastien Cassagnol (below), who will use the hotel’s The Beach Restaurant to showcase his menu, which he has said will be influenced by local produce from the Sultanate as well as his own personal ‘gastronomic journey’. 

In accordance with the rules of Gout de France, all menus must consist of a traditional French aperitif, a cold starter, a hot starter, fish or shellfish, meat or poultry, a French cheese or cheeseboard and a chocolate dessert. Not only that, but courses must be paired with French vintages and digestifs. It’s okay if you’re salivating right now…

Chef Cassagnol has already shown his hand for part of the menu. Those dining can expect an entrée of Omani prawns served with vegetable pot-au-feu, followed by a main course that includes grilled tuna steak with ratatouille, garnished with black olive foam. 

As part of the seven-course menu - priced at OMR 89 per person (plus tax) - the paired vintages will be served exclusively for one night only. Good old France. 

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