This Abu Dhabi hotel is turning its helipad into a restaurant

St. Regis Abu Dhabi will serve caviar and sabre champagne on its 255-metres high helipad.

Neil Churchill October 27, 2016

The UAE is no stranger to open-air bars and restaurants, nor is it to unusual events taking place on helipads – yes we’re looking at you, BAA.

But until now no one had thought to blend the two together, so we’re tipping our hat to the St. Regis Abu Dhabi for setting what could possibly be the country’s next dining trend.  

The luxury hotel on the capital’s corniche is opening its helipad once a month for what it’s calling the Helipad Sunset Supper, and from the name alone you can probably guess what it involves.

On the second Friday of each month throughout winter, the helipad on the roof of the Nation Towers will be turned into an open-air dining deck for just 90 minutes at a time, with seating for only 20 people. 

While gazing at the spectacular views afforded to one from 255 metres up, the few and fortunate guests will be waited on by a brigade of chefs, butlers and mixologists, who we assume have exceptional balance and are not prone to stumbling. 

The menu will include premium caviar, fresh oysters and extravagant canapés. There will also be a live saxophonist and the hotel’s signature champagne sabering ritual, because otherwise the whole scenario would be pretty dull.

Speaking about the unique dining concept, the hotel’s general manager Moustafa Sakr said: “We wanted something that people would really find engaging – perhaps because it excited them, perhaps because it scared them – but either way, something they would want to talk about.”

It’s not the first time the Abu Dhabi hotel has thought outside of the box when it comes to its dining venues. Earlier this year, the St. Regis turned its colossal AED 120,000 per night Abu Dhabi suite into a brunch venue, including use of the in-suite cinema and spa. 

The first Helipad Sunset Supper takes place on November 11. The exact timings alter slightly depending on the sunset, but the first dinner is from 5pm – 6.30pm, with sunset falling somewhere in the middle. 

For such a unique and unusual affair, the cost is incredibly reasonable. The food-only option is priced at AED 400, while the bubbly is AED 550. An added one-off bonus is that to get to the helipad guests will be whisked through the hotel’s secrete passages and staff elevators that are normally hidden from customers' eyes.

Just hope there’s no emergency helicopter landings while you’re tucking into the caviar.

Reservations can be made by calling 02 694 4553 or emailing [email protected]