This new Abu Dhabi brunch is on another level

Review: Brunch in the Clouds at St. Regis opens up the huge Abu Dhabi suite, complete with cinema, spa and bedrooms.

Neil Churchill May 3, 2016

What does it take for a UAE Friday brunch to really stand out and be unique these days? Champagne on tap, live music performances, a petting zoo of animals – it’s all been done.

But holding a brunch in the world’s highest suspended hotel suite, 220 metres above sea level, that normally costs AED120,000 per night, with a cinema room, spa and even bedrooms to rest your head? Now that’s unique.

And that’s what’s on offer at the St. Regis Abu Dhabi. Yes the luxury hotel is opening up its palatial Abu Suite on the last Friday of every month from now until August, for its extraordinary Brunch in the Clouds.

Limiting each brunch to just fifty guests, patrons get to explore the colossal 1,120 square metres, two-floor majlis for just 0.3 per cent of the room’s normal rate – AED 400 per head food only; AED 650 with bubbles. 

The dining area itself is in the suite’s massive living room, with near 360-degree views over Abu Dhabi’s corniche. Smaller side rooms are each reserved for a different course. There’s a starters room, desert and digestifs room, one just for seafood and one for the mains.

There’s a caviar ice bar (below) – with incredible ice sculptures by the hotel’s sushi chef – a cocktail reception area with Hendrix and Beluga bars, and a cheese enclave. 

One of the two staircases leads to the suite’s plush cinema room, which, full of jars of sweets and pots of candy, will entice you to watch films for the entire brunch while digging into popcorn. And there’s nothing to stop you doing that; the suite is yours to explore as you wish. 

Next door is the suite’s private spa, with staff from the hotel’s beauty lounge and Remède Spa offering complimentary treatments and massages. Ever put down a cocktail to have a professional shoulder rub mid-brunch before? We thought not.

Downstairs, across the suite and up the second staircase takes you to the master bedroom, where guests can explore the crystal filled bathroom, laughably large walk-in closet and jump on the circular master bed – you might as well; you’ll probably never step foot in this room again. 

Situated across the Nation Towers’ 48th and 49th floors – there’s also a private elevator to speed up your arrival – the suite's enormous size and what it offers to those who can afford it can be hard to fully comprehend. Of course, the brunch is the only way most people will ever see what's inside, and even then only 150-200 people will get that chance.

But what about the risk of a double booking? Apparently an unnamed member of royalty had tried to reserve the suite for the day of the first brunch, when EDGAR was there. Did the hotel lose out on his AED 120,000? Hardly. He booked it for the next 10 consecutive nights instead.

Brunch in the Clouds will take place on Friday 27 May, Friday 29 July and Friday 26 August – it will not take place in June due to Ramadan. AED 400 per head, AED 650 with bubbly.
Abu Dhabi Suite, St. Regis Abu Dhabi. To make a reservation, go to