UAE now has a caviar home delivery service

A caviar chauffeur delivers AmStur Caviar to your door. Dinner parties are finally complete.

Neil Churchill December 14, 2016

There’s very little you can’t get delivered in the UAE. When it comes to food, thanks to the likes of UberEATS and Deliveroo, you can order pretty much anything.

However, the need for caviar delivery was obviously a call that had not yet been answered. Enter AmStur Caviar.

The US brand has launched its first organic caviar in the emirates, having previously only been available in a select few fine dining outlets. But the best part of this news is that when you order it from the online store, it is hand-delivered by a ‘caviar chauffeuer’; a trained roe expert who will be able to advise you on how to store your expensive fish eggs and the best way to enjoy them. 

AmStur Caviar was previously only found in the UAE’s top hotels and restaurants: Pier Chic, Four Seasons, Emirates Palace, etc. The company says it was due to customer demand that led it to offering the product direct to consumers. For UAE caviar fans who love to host dinner parties, buying AmStur and having it hand delivered to your home will be an early Christmas present. 

Sourced from the west coast of North America, AmStur claims that its product is a “superior quality caviar, with a rich and buttery flavour produced only from native-raised sturgeon. Certified organic and free from preservatives, pesticides and hormones; AmStur’s fresh roe is carefully examined for flavour, texture, size, and finally colour before being cured malossol to ensure only the finest quality and taste.”

Of course, expensive fish eggs may not be your thing; they’re not to everybody’s taste. But if they are, and you know what you’re doing, AmStur offers four grades of caviar through its site. That’s the starter for your Christmas lunch taken care of. 

  • Premium select grade caviar, from AED 220 for 30g
  • Royal grade caviar, from AED 315 for 30g
  • Empress (organic) grad caviar, from AED 405 for 30g
  • Imperial grade caviar, from AED 895 for 30g