Why every man needs coconut water in his life

Coconut water is recommended by the world's best-looking people: athletes, models and actors. Here's why.

April 27, 2016

Unless you’ve been stuck in the UAE's Empty Quarter for the past few years with no means of communication, then you will have been aware of coconut water’s rise in popularity here in the Gulf.

But what is it precisely about the nut juice that has made it so popular with fitness and health advocates?

We asked Giles Brook, chief executive EMEA of Vita Coco – probably the most recognised brand in the coconut water marketplace – what it is exactly that makes the juice so good for us. 

What are the benefits of coconut water?

I often get asked the question why coconut water is good for you. 

coconut water giles brook.jpg Giles Brook has coconut water on his cornflakes, probably.

For starters, coconut water is a natural product; our manufacturing plant is a plant! It contains naturally occurring electrolytes which help keep the body hydrated, it has zero fat and cholesterol, it’s low in calories and sugar (our 330ml natural has just 60 calories and five grams of natural sugar per serving) and offers a much healthier option than traditional smoothies and juices, with typically 40-60 per cent less calories and sugar. And obviously, it’s a great natural alternative to soft drinks.

With the huge increase in people looking to adopt a healthier lifestyle across the region, coconut water has been the choice when it comes to looking for a natural drink. 

How does coconut water fit into modern wellness and diet trends?

The trend around ‘you are what you eat’ is quickly becoming ‘you are what you drink’. People are always looking to seek out natural healthy drinks for a more balanced healthier lifestyle, and will continue to move away from products with ingredients you cannot even pronounce that resemble a list last seen in a chemistry class at school.

Given coconut water is naturally isotonic and full of electrolytes people are switching out of synthetic, artificial sports drinks in favour of coconut water. People want simplicity in an ever-complicated modern world and this is where coconut water comes in. 

Is the quality of the coconut important?

Absolutely, where you get your product from is so important, it has to be good quality. We work directly with producers and farmers with our coconuts coming from sources across Brazil and Asia and we currently crack over two million coconuts a day to fulfil the supply demands of Vita Coco across the world.

We handpick the best coconuts from around the world to bring consumers the best tasting coconut water. We also give back to the communities we work with via our community scheme where we’ve initiated seeding programs, model farms and farmer training programs to further develop the skills and general wellbeing of local farmers that are picking and cracking our coconuts.

The great thing about Vita Coco is we use the whole coconut, so nothing goes to waste. The water creates the drink, the flesh is used to produce our coconut oil, the fibres from the husk are used to create matting and upholstery stuffing, and the empty residue husks are used in our factory furnaces for energy, so nothing goes to waste. 

What about those who say coconut water is an acquired taste?

You can mix it up. In addition to pure coconut water we’ve developed a range of great tasting natural fruit flavoured coconut waters that are produced by blending our pure coconut water with natural fruit purees and juices, ensuring we keep the all-natural proposition of the product. So there are no flavourings or additives involved, just all natural ingredients and a range of flavours to suit all tastes.