Foods a Michelin-starred chef can’t live without

Chief culinary advisor at Roberto’s – and Michelin-starred chef – Enrico Bertolini gives EDGAR his kitchen secrets.

Meryl D'Souza June 1, 2017

Ever wanted to eat like a Michelin-starred chef? Here’s your chance. Fair warning: it’s not all steaks and pastas.

Olive oil
I come from Tuscany which I think has the strongest olive oil in Italy. Every year the flavour changes so we need to see what each olive oil tastes like.

Cherry tomatoes
When I was young the best cherry tomatoes came from Naples. But some of the best now are from a town in Sicily called Chiaramonte Gulfi. We use them every day in the kitchen.

The texture is special – you touch it with a spoon and it falls apart. Personally, I like burrata from Puglia. But you don’t want to know about the calories.

It represents the beautiful summer. It’s so fresh and green and you can smell it from two metres away.

Red chilli
Until I was 16 the only spice in the kitchen was black pepper. But then I discovered pasta aglio e olio and red chilli. If you manage the flavour correctly chilli should appear very slowly on the tongue.