How Bistrot Bagatelle prepares its lobster Caesar salad

Timothy Newton explains the theory behind his lobster Caesar salad.

April 4, 2017

“Everyone can do a chicken Caesar salad, but not everyone does a lobster one. You have to be unique in this industry.

“We source our lobster from Canada and poach them for precisely four minutes. The egg is cooked for five minutes and 20 seconds. This is a very important element of the dish so, again, it must be very precise. The egg yolk needs to be soft as this adds a much needed creaminess to the dish.

“I like the lettuce to be shredded very finely because it gives a crispness and that adds another texture to the dish. The lettuce has to be cut to order though, or it won’t be as fresh and crispy. “Personally, the feature of the dish that I love the most is the dressing. We use reduced lobster stock as the base.

“It took about a week of experimentation before I perfected this dish and couldn’t wait to share it with our guests. As a whole, I think the dish works so well because of the combination of briny, sweet and spicy flavours. I would definitely order it if I came in. We have a lot of great feedback from our guests and that’s really valuable.”