Restaurant to try this weekend: Ramusake

The joyful Japanese restaurant keeps the lights low and the volume high.

March 2, 2017

How to get there
Finding the DoubleTree Hilton on JBR is easy, but getting to Ramusake requires a compass, a map and a pack of sniffer dogs – if you get dropped off at the street level as we did. Instead, ask your taxi to drop you right at the valet entrance and you’ll be golden. 

The food
Beautifully presented, if a little hit and miss. Teriyaki salmon from the robata grill was succulent and creamy, but the chicken and gyoza dumplings were a tad tough. The spider roll and spicy tuna roll were superb, but the short rib buns were too much bun and not enough short rib. Star of the show was the glorious chilli dog.

The atmosphere
Don’t come here for an in depth conversation about world politics. Ramusake is undoubtedly a party restaurant and a date place. The riotous Wednesday ladies’ night must be the best party in Dubai as liquid nitrogen creeps from ice buckets in the bar that is packed with flirty females. We loved the open kitchen too, filled with energetic chefs chopping, frying and grilling. 

The decor
It’s a welcoming den of dark wood. Tables are close together but that’s ok because it’s so dark you’ll barely be able to see the person next to you.

Review in less than 10 words
Sexy, noisy, young. Wear your best threads.