What to order: The Tap House

EDGAR approved dishes for those of you who are too afraid to trying something new.

April 13, 2017

This American gastro pub at Club Vista Mare on The Palm is a great spot for some casual al fresco guy food with a cool terrace overlooking the beach

Kick off with a platter of calamari rings, buffalo wings in a spicy and sour sauce, with some parmesan and truffle fries cut nice and thick they way we like them. 

Three orange glazed ribs (above) are cooked for nine hours and the result is a tender, sticky main course that has just the right amount of sweetness. The ribs come with small roast potatoes on a wooden chopping board with a big knife. 

Tap House’s ‘cheeton mess’ is a riff on the classic Eton Mess. A splodge of raspberry cheesecake hides under a meringue dome, with fresh raspberries on the side.