When EDGAR met Martin Garrix

The Dutch DJ tells us about his travel habits and what music he listens to during his downtime.

Neil Churchill March 15, 2017

He’s only 20 years old but DJ Martin Garrix visits more countries in a year than most people do in a lifetime. EDGAR spoke to the DJ in Ibiza about his dizzying schedule.

What’s your perfect type of holiday?
My ideal holiday is a place where I have no phone connection and I can totally chill. I went to the Maldives last year and it was so beautiful and peaceful, it’s definitely one of my favourite destinations.

Is DJing in Ibiza work or holiday?
It is work. Every day I wake up and I’m on tour. Some people think it’s only partying but it’s not. You travel, you prepare your shows, you have interviews, you make music of course and have new ideas. So every day on tour is work but when I have a day off I will enjoy it and go sightseeing and relax – it just doesn’t happen that often. I’m going to Bali soon and I’m going to stay one or two extra days just to relax, and that will be a holiday.

Do you prefer private jets or first class?
I like both. There are benefits of each, but I think I prefer first class over private. Of course the nice thing about flying private is you show up to the airport, there’s not really any security and you take off as soon as you’re there. But there’s better food in first class.

What do you do on flights?
I sleep. I will fall asleep before take-off and I will wake up with the stewardess asking me to put my seat up. I don’t use the Wi-Fi, I switch my phone off. It’s my private time to think about everything. It’s nice. Luckily I haven’t had any crazy experiences yet on a plane, just very bad turbulence. 

What do you carry on with you?
My laptop, my noise cancelling earphones – I always sleep with them – my phone of course, hair product and deodorant.

What are your favourite cities to visit and tour?
I love New York, LA, Paris, London, Dubai. I love to DJ at those cities but also see the culture. I love Amsterdam; it is and will always be my number one city because I grew up there – I know every little dive bar.

What places are on your to-do list?
Ecuador, I really want to go there. Venezuela, my fan base there is huge but I’ve never toured there and I really want to. I get a lot of messages on social media telling me to visit certain cities. It definitely influences my tours. If I get a tweet from a country I haven’t been to before I will straight away tell my team “guys, we’ve got to go there.”

What do you listen to when travelling?
I listen to a lot of BBC Radio 1’s essential mixes. I love Bonobo, TroyBoi, very relaxing dope music. I love mix tapes, I hate it when I’m on the plane dreaming and then the music stops and it goes to the next song. I just want smooth transitions.

Have you always been into TAG Heuer watches?
I definitely knew about TAG before and I love watches. I’m not the biggest watch freak ever, I don’t know all the different types, I just know if I think something is beautiful or not. Appreciating watches comes with age, you build up and get more knowledge about them. Right now Jean-Claude Biver [TAG Heuer CEO] and David Guetta are teaching me, so that’s good.

Martin Garrix is a brand ambassador for TAG Heuer.