3 fragrances that take you back to nature

August 8, 2014

1. Black Oudh, Reiss

British fashion house Reiss has taken its first tentative steps into the highly competitive fragrance arena with the launch of its debut men’s fragrance, Black Oudh. In what is sure to be very popular with men across the Gulf, the base note of this powerful fragrance comes from black musk, amber and – of course – black oudh. Details: Available region wide, priced AED 395 Untitled

2. Wild Forest, Armand Basi

To misquote an Edwin Starr song: Wood! What is it good for? Absolutely everything. This seems to be the mindset for Armand Basi’s new masculine fragrance Wild Forest, which focuses on the strong natural scent of wood. Opening with notes of warm nutmeg, the fragrance then comes to life with a rich cedar wood middle and a smoky leather and woody grey amber finish. Details: Available region wide, AED 250 Untitled

3. The Game Intense, Davidoff

As intimidating as the stack of black poker chips that its bottle resembles, The Game Intense is a new balls-to-the-wall fragrance from Davidoff that is packed with power. Building on from the brand’s famous The Game fragrance, this daring scent adds a rich heart note of black patchouli essence and a virile and leathery base of labdanum absolute. Game on. Details: Available region wide, AED 360