Adidas Takes Its Battle Pack To Brazil

June 5, 2014

No matter where you are this month, there is simply no escaping the Fifa World Cup in Brazil. The biggest event of the world’s most popular sport will be plastered all over the newspapers, televisions, posters and viral videos. People will be talking about it at work, in bars, at the gym and even synchronising their sleeping patterns to coincide with kick-off times in Rio de Janeiro. It’s fair to say that every four years the world goes a little bit mental and, frankly, we here at EDGAR cannot wait. Such is the hysteria that surrounds the World Cup that the official sponsors are once again pulling out all the stops. Not only will every ball kicked be an Adidas one, but their new Battle Pack collection (pictured) will be worn at the tournament by some of the world’s very best players including Luis Suarez, Dani Alves and, twinkle toes himself, Lionel Messi. adidas The new range of boots are made from super lightweight material and cutting edge technology with black and white patterns that are – supposedly – inspired by the war paint of native warriors. Each of the boots promise to help assist a particular attribute including speed, control, support and power. In fact the only way they could be seen as more technological is if they were remote controlled by someone sitting up in the stands who was good at football. We’re not ruling that out for future World Cups. Adidas, you can have that one for free. Details: available region wide for AED 745 - 1,195. Visit