Are women really attracted to men who smell like their father?

October 10, 2014

Be yourself

The modern-day man needs to have a lot of self-confidence. He has to be comfortable enough with himself to not feel the need to follow trends and to accept things such as femininity and sensuality can actually be used to his advantage. Fragrances are a very personal thing and they have to match the personality of each man. Some men like to use multiple scents, whilst others prefer to be loyal to a particular one. When I create a male fragrance I think of what I would like to smell on a man, as scents can be a very strong weapon of seduction.

Make it last

The secret behind a good fragrance is ensuring it has a unique touch. It can be very hard for fragrances to endure in an industry where companies launch new fragrances every six months. However, if the fragrance has something special – and a strong sense of identity – it will attract loyal consumers and withstand time.

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Know your scent

In Western countries, the biggest mistake men make when buying a fragrance is picking up the first thing that is on offer. This is completely different in the Middle East, where men are a lot more sophisticated when it comes to fragrances and have a much deeper knowledge of how to use perfume. Carolina Herrera. The truth is that fragrances react to the pH-level in peoples’ skin and, therefore, not all fragrances are suitable for everyone. It’s important to choose the right one because it is the pH-level that provides a perfume with its final and unique scent. Like most things, it pays to do your research and find out which fragrance suits you the best.

Father’s scent

It’s not necessarily true that women are attracted to men who smell like their father, but I do agree that women are attracted to things that make them feel secure. So, if that comes from remembering their father’s scent, then that could well be the case.

Men vs women

The difference between men’s and women’s fragrances all boils down to individual taste and the preference of some smells over others. Cultural understanding also has a very important part to play as in Western countries, sweet and floral fragrances seem to be more popular amongst women, while woody ones attract more men. However, in the Middle East and Asian markets it is totally different. What is interesting nowadays is that those barriers are becoming blurred and many women are using male fragrances and vice-versa. 212 VIP fragrance.


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