Are you the most hated person in the office?

October 9, 2014

The office is a funny place. The majority of people who want to be successful in business spend a huge amount of time there, yet it's the very place where we have to mix with some of the strangest people we're ever likely to come across. Of course, not all offices are full of crackpots like the 15 characters listed below, but we'd wager that any office has at least one of the following types of people. But the real question is, which one are you?

1. The lunch stealer

You struggle to see the difference between sharing a pint of milk for teas and coffees and eating someone else's lovingly homemade sandwich. In your selfish opinion, if it's been left in the fridge, it's fair game.

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2. The bathroom talker

For some reason, you're of the opinion that it's perfectly acceptable to initiate a full-blown conversation with someone through the cubicle wall. Let us be the first to tell you: it's not!

3. The fidget

You can't contain yourself for any more than a few minutes without feeling the need to swivel on your chair or perform an annoyingly loud drum solo with a pen on your desk. Perhaps you've got some kind of adult behaviour disorder, or maybe you're just chronically annoying.

4. The slob

If there's a pile of old paperwork stacked precariously on the edge of your desk and your drawers are full of half-eaten bags of crisps and apple cores, it's safe to say you're the office slob. Sitting next to you is like sharing a workplace with a farmyard animal. Messy office.

5. The smelly lunch eater

If you insist on bringing in homemade spicy fish curry, at least have the common decency to find a less public place to eat it where people who are trying to work won't be gassed out by the intoxicating stench.

6. The annoyingly healthy

Yes! We know that you did a 10km run before work and that you have a personal training session tonight ahead of your upcoming ultra marathon, but guess what: we don't care!

7. The loner

You have the best set of noise-cancelling headphones that money can buy, meaning you're in the zone from the moment you enter the office to the moment you leave. And you're not even asked to come for after-work drinks anymore as you've turned down more invitations than you care to remember.

8. The bragger

Just incase we hadn't heard at the meeting five minutes ago, you believe that you're head and shoulders above everyone else in the company and you make sure everyone knows it - even if you're not half as good as you think you are. bragging in the office.

9. The gossip

With the amount of jabbering you do, the fact that you get any work done at all is a minor miracle. For you, the office is one big soap opera and you're determined to find out as much about everyone else's personal lives as humanly possible.

10. The micro-manager

You have decent staff who are perfectly capable of doing the job you hired them for, yet you still don't quite believe that anyone could possibly do the work better than you, so you feel the need to stand over them and scrutinize every aspect of their work.

11. The eternally ill

You're never ill enough to warrant taking a day off work, but you're always struggling with some sort of minor ailment, which you're extremely keen to moan about. We're guessing you were the kid at school who always had a runny nose.

12. The drinks maker

You spend an inordinate length of your working day in the kitchen making drinks. In fact, it's got to the point where you don't even have to ask your colleagues for their orders, because you know exactly how everyone likes their drinks and you're the only person who can get them right. coffee in the office.

13. The loud phone call maker

You struggle with the concept that no matter how far away the person on the other end of the phone is, you still don't need to shout to be heard. Whether it's personal or business, the whole office knows every detail of your phone calls.

14. The workaholic

You've never left the office at 6pm and you're always in well before everyone else in the morning. For you, evenings and weekends are made for getting a step ahead of the rest.

15. The email spammer

You take great pleasure in sending out mass emails to colleagues sharing photos, jokes and anything else that will pass the time so you don't have to concentrate on your actual work. It doesn't occur to you that people get enough junk mail as it is without the deluge of spam you insist on sending them.