Do you wanna be a spaceman?

October 20, 2014

Once upon a time, trips to space were for that rare breed of NASA’s astronauts who had spent years of their lives training for such a mission. But soon, very soon in fact, commercial flights above the earth’s atmosphere will become a reality.

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To mark the occasion - and it will be a monumental moment - Land Rover has partnered with Virgin Galactic to offer one lucky person a trip into space with three of their friends, as part of their Galactic Discovery competition. There is a little training to be done, with the four pals being sent to New Mexico in the US to get their space legs ready, before they embark on the $1 million trip. The video gives you an idea of what the lucky winner can expect. As Noel Gallagher once sang, “Do you wanna be a spaceman, and live in the sky?” Details: The Land Rover Galactic Discovery competition runs until 21st November. Visit