Dubai ranks 7th in top 10 influential cities

August 24, 2014

In recent years Dubai has become obsessed with having the biggest, baddest and best things possible. Sometimes we’ve wondered why. But when the emirate starts coming in the top 10 of global lists for things like ‘the world’s most influential cities’ it starts to make sense. Yes Dubai has been ranked seventh by business magazine Forbes in a list of important and powerful destinations, further concreting its ambition to be one of the foremost places on the planet. Given the UAE’s 42-year life existence, and Dubai’s 10 to 20-years' of growth, it’s quite astounding that the emirate has beaten elder, more historical cities such as Beijing, Sydney and Los Angeles. London came top of the pile, followed by New York, Paris, Singapore, Tokyo and Hong Kong. Abu Dhabi came tied in 20th place. Forbes graded a total of 58 cities according to criteria across eight categories, namely: foreign direct investment; the concentration of corporate headquarters; the number of business niches; air connectivity (ease of travel to other global cities); strength of producer services; financial services; technology and media power; and racial diversity. dubaiforbes1 Dubai did well in all of these obviously to make the top 10 list, but its air connectivity was particularly impressive, ranking higher than any other city’s in the world at 93 per cent. For any Dubai residents, it won’t surprise you to know that the emirate was labelled ‘unparalleled among global cities for its diversity’ with 86 per cent of residents being foreigners. It also had a high score for foreign direct investment. Given its youthful age, lessons learned from the bad times as well as the good and future global events to look forward to such as the 2020 World Expo, Dubai should not only stay a firm fixture in this top 10, but we think it will rise a few places in the coming years. For the full list, visit