Essential advice on fragrances

July 31, 2014

1. Less is more

A particular problem in the Gulf is men sporting way too much cologne. Remember your nose acclimatises to smells, so what you might be used to may overpower others. Spray wisely.

2. Keep your options open

Having a range of fragrances in your wardrobe will allow you to match your scent with your mood or even the weather. Keep it light and citrusy on hot days, and woody and herbal for cooler ones.

3. Lock in the scent

It’s a little-known fact that moisturised skin holds fragrance better. Spray on the cologne, and then apply a little fragrance-free moisturiser after to lock in the scent. 42-19745314

4. Wear according to weather

Heat intensifies scent, so while it's still sweltering outside, go easy on the spray.

5. Aim for the sweet spots

Spray your cologne strategically. The sides of the neck, your wrists and your chest are all good spots to aim for.