Experience A Royal Shave

April 13, 2014

The spa

Gentleman’s Tonic, founded in 2004 in the heart of Mayfair, opened its first outlet in the Middle East at the Atlantis The Palm in late 2012. As one of the city’s most iconic resorts, the Atlantis seems a perfect fit for Gentleman’s Tonic. Located adjacent to the hotel’s ShuiQi Spa, this men’s grooming brand, inspired by the barbershop heyday of the 1940s, offers a comprehensive menu of treatments from facials and shaves, to haircuts and colouring, adding a refreshing touch of class to the region’s sometimes-vapid spa scene. The décor is a chic blend of modern sophistication with subtle references to the 40s, such as the soporific leather-bound chairs. Huge mirrors with LCD TVs integrated into the glass, allow one to watch the news, keep abreast of the progress of one’s shave, or doze during the treatment, as was the case when I received my post-Royal Shave acupressure massage. The friendly staff also strike the right balance between sociable and unobtrusive, reflecting the basis of Gentleman’s Tonic in a time when the barber was a major men’s social hub.

The treatment

The 45-minute Royal Shave focuses on rejuvenating the skin and promoting tissue regeneration, thereby keeping your face in top condition. The Royal Shave starts with a cleansing warm towel and pre-shave oil to soften the stubble, followed by the infamous ‘cut throat’ razor. I’ve yet to manage the art of shaving myself without inflicting pain of some kind, but my barber went to work as though he knew the contours of my face better than I did. A mask cream is applied after the shave to cool and tone the skin, followed by a jarring cold towel in order to reduce the appearance of pores and fine lines. An acupressure massage follows, focusing on stress relief points, which wrapped up the best shave I’ve ever had. Several hours later, my face still felt softer than it has in more than a decade, without any greasiness, testifying to the quality of the process and products used. Details: the Royal Shave at Atlantis, The Palm Jumeirah. Priced AED 310 for 45 minutes. To book call +971 426 1020. Visit atlantisthepalm.com/spa