Feel Good While Looking Blue

May 27, 2014
In a case of fashion mirroring art, this season the world’s style overlords take their lead from Pablo Picasso – and, more specifically, his famous blue period. Yes, that’s right, the sartorial sages have decreed that blue in all its variations (navy, azure, baby, cobalt, sky) is very much in style in 2014, especially when paired together. Here’s three EDGAR-approved tips on how to pull it off.

1. Mix it up

Wearing all one shade of blue runs the risk of making you look like you work in a garage. So, to ensure you’re taken seriously, opt to mix and match your shades. Try pairing a dark trouser with a light top, or match some navy shorts with some bright-toned boat shoes. blue1

2. Text book texture

To ensure success with the monocolour look, you’ll need to mix up the materials that you’re wearing. Denim jeans; cobalt blue windbreaker; blue linen blazer; suede shoes – all help keep the emphasis on the materials rather than the colour. blue2

3. Accessible accessories

Mastering the art of accessories layering can be tricky. A few never-fail additions such as a knitted skinny tie; a blue-chequered kaftan scarf; and a blue polka-dot pocket square will give your wardrobe greater versatility. blue3