Get some Scandinavian style in your wardrobe

November 14, 2014
Scandinavian style Right now it is an exciting time for Scandinavian style across the fields of fashion, art and design. Although our head office is based in London, COS is still a brand with a Scandinavian heritage and feel, that’s why clean and understated aesthetics have such a big influence on the way we design and create our collections. Inspiration Rather than look to the classic definition of trends, we allow ourselves to be influenced by all manner of different, and sometimes curious, elements. For us, the creative world is extremely important and is a constant form of inspiration. For this season’s collection we took inspiration from John Pawson photography; Nendo’s Slinter furniture and the works of Brendan Austin. Our collections all follow the fundamental principles of minimalist construction in tailoring, tactile fabrications and re-invented classics with a focus on functionality. Modern man Garments such as a classic white, cotton shirt and softly tailored trousers are wardrobe essentials for all seasons. Although, in my opinion, this season’s wardrobe essentials are a yak wool knitted jumper, a wool parka and pair of Chelsea boots. Martin Andersson Head of Menswear COS. Development of menswear In general, fashion is a fast-paced and ever-changing world, but that’s what makes it so interesting. We have seen menswear become more prevalent in the market as the industry has become more open-minded and men have become more confident in their sartorial choices. Business advice An old professor of mine once told me that you “can’t teach people to be creative, but you can teach people to work hard”. I have always kept those words in the back of my mind. Putting in the hard work is just as important as believing in yourself. Wardrobe business My wardrobe is made up of good-quality, classic pieces such as white shirts, chinos and great, lace-up dress shoes. I prefer to wear pieces that are understated rather than overly styled. A piece of clothing I couldn’t live without is a classic five-pocket jean-style jacket. It’s a style that is easy to wear and durable. Dining out If I was going out to meet some friends at a restaurant I’d wear pair of tailored track trousers in burgundy tweed. We designed these for our new collection, and they are a great way to reinvent a traditionally relaxed silhouette as the use of a heritage fabric gives the style a more formal appearance. I would pair this with a poplin shirt and lace-up brogues. Details: for more visit