Global phone etiquette

July 29, 2014
We all know that social etiquette varies wildly depending on which country you are in, but were you aware that these rules even extend to making and receiving phone calls? For example, in Egypt it's customary to exchange pleasantries for up to five minutes before getting down to business. And in Japan it's generally frowned upon to talk on the phone when strangers are present, whereas in China large groups of people speaking loudly on their phones in public is the norm. In Thailand it's common for people to interrupt business meetings or even job interviews to answer the phone; and if you can't get through to someone in Italy, there's not much point in leaving a message as people rarely use answerphones. Those are just a few of the many quirks of global phone use that US-based phone repair company Repair Labs has rounded up in the smart infographic below. So if you're taking your mobile phone with you on your travels this summer and want to fit in with the locals, here's everything you need to know. (click on the image to enlarge) Phone-Etiquette