Going for gold

September 27, 2014

1. 1 Million $, Paco Rabanne

The epitome of the expression ‘you smell like a million dollars’ being taken very literally. The updated 2014 edition of Paco Rabanne’s finance-fuelled fragrance is meant to symbolise wealth – and it does so in the shape of a fresh and spicy leather fragrance. If that isn’t obvious enough for you, the bottle is the shape of a gold bar. Details: available region wide. AED 460 homme

2. L’homme ideal, Guerlain

Guerlain’s four-year quest to find the perfect man has led to the realisation that he simply doesn’t exist. Although, do not despair, as the French perfume house points out, while the physical embodiment of perfection might not be real, it has come pretty close to creating his scent with its most complete men’s fragrance ever. Details: available region wide. AED 476 Gucci

3. Oud, Gucci

Oud continues to dominate as the region’s most popular scent – it’s a fact that has not gone unnoticed by Italian giants Gucci. Simply named Gucci Oud, this bold new unisex fragrance packs a powerful punch with 100 per cent natural oud from Laos being the base of a seductive and very Middle Eastern fragrance. Details: available region wide. AED 636