Gucci's new suits look razor sharp

September 4, 2014
We've always said that the signature of any gentleman is a tailor made suit. But the sign that you've really made it in the style stakes, is a tailor made suit by Gucci. The Italian fashion brand has produced this sartorially perfect video of a tailoring connoisseur's journey through London, New York and Tokyo, showcasing its Men's Tailoring collection in the process. Featuring Clement Chabernaud as the protagonist, the film tells the tale of his journey from one destination to the next, all the while looking as stylish, sophisticated and suave as humanly possible. Far from requiring the physique or looks of Chabernaud to pull of Gucci's new suits, its Men’s Tailoring offers seven different silhouettes: from the 70s-inspired Heritage, with larger lapels and thin sleeves, the modern Marseille which is tapered through the body, to the classic-fit Signoria and the slim-fit Monaco. Good luck wearing another two piece with pride after you've watched this... [gallery link="none" ids="7799,7798,7796"] Details: visit