How good is customer service in the UAE?

September 29, 2014
It's no secret that good customer service is something that can have a huge effect on business. In fact, as this infographic from our friends at Finances Online shows, a whooping 86 per cent of buyers will happily pay more if it means they'll receive a better customer experience. The infographic goes on to state that by 2020, we can expect customer experience to overtake both price and product as key factors people consider when choosing which brand to go with. For anyone who's felt the frustration of being on the receiving end of poor service, the above stats will come as no surprise, but what may come as a bit of shock is that here in the UAE, we have it much better than many other major countries - USA included! Although the top three ranked nations for customer service are New Zealand, Canada and Norway in that order, the UAE comes in a very respectable eighth in the world, ahead of the likes of Brazil, Russia and the country many people think of as the king of service with a smile: the US. The infographic goes on to delve into all kinds of facts and figures that show just how important customer service is in business today, so if you need any further convincing, see it in full below: Top 10 Countries with Best Customer Service_infographic Details: visit