How happy are Dubai residents?

September 24, 2014
If you live in Dubai, you may have seen evidence of the government's Happy Dubai campaign around town, celebrating all the best things about the city and encouraging its residents to be happy. And according to the results of a recent study carried out by the emirate's Community Development Authority (CDA), it must be working, because they reveal that the average Dubai resident rated themselves at 8.08 on a scale of zero to ten, with ten being "extremely happy". The figures, released earlier this week, come from a study of 3,796 families who live in Dubai - made up of 1,328 Emirati, 1,504 non-Emirati, 464 collective households and 500 individuals from labour camps. As well as feeling generally content with life, it seems that almost all Dubai residents also feel safe in the city, with an impressive 96 per cent reporting that they feel protected and not at risk of crime. main When it comes to which nationalities are the happiest, there isn't much to chose between them, but Westerners came out on top, with almost all (99.7 per cent) reporting being satisfied with family life in Dubai. Slightly less rosy were the findings related to unfair work practices and human rights. Although 94 per cent of Emirati families felt able to uphold their rights through legal channels, just 66.4 per cent of labourers felt this was possible. Similarly, while 83.1 per cent of Emiratis questioned felt safe from unfair working practices, only 56.9 per cent of labourers felt the same. The CDA's director-general, Khalid Al Kamda, attributed the low scores amongst labourers to the perception of instability in the construction industry caused by the experience of 2008's global recession. Do you live in Dubai? Are you happy? Let us know in the comments below. Details: visit