How stylish is the UAE man?

July 16, 2014
Every major city in the world has its male fashion elite. London has its men that are every bit the style icon that is David Beckham and Daniel Craig. We just have not heard of them because they have not been touched by the “wand of fame.” Most of the time the male fashion elite in the most notable metropolitan areas around the world go unnoticed by they global press, noticed only by the people with whom they cross paths as they go about the business of their daily lives. So if we posit the question: how stylish are the UAE’s male fashion elite, what would the answer be? I think that the UAE male fashion elite are as stylish as the male fashion elite anywhere in the world. Like his counterparts around the globe, there are a small handful of style truths that the UAE man holds to be self-evident. emporer First, he has engaged in enough self reflection to understand what is an appropriate sartorial manifestation of his inner best self (this is not a static process - it evolves as he evolves). Second, he understands that unless an item of clothing is designed by its designer to fit like a burlap sack, it should not. That is to say, the cut and fit of any piece of apparel are of paramount importance. Third, he is acutely aware that it is as important to be impeccably dressed from the ankles down as it is from the neck down. He knows that he has lost the 'style battle' if his outfit is a style award winner but his shoes look like they have been through three world wars. The male fashion elite of the UAE continue to make their mark and leave a very fashionable global footprint wherever they traverse. They differ from their peers in other fashion capitals in that, as a general rule, you will not see them “striking a pose” on the streets of the UAE during the winter in wool worsted herringbone, tweed or melton because the amazing UAE winters are too warm and balmy for these heavy fabrics. emperor1 So, let us tip our hats to the UAE’s male fashion elite and give them eighteen minutes of applause. They have and will continue to earn it. Whether they are sporting stunning kandoras with dazzling cuff links, bespoke men’s suits, or dapper designer casual wear, the UAE’s male fashion glitterati have worked out all the style details and are as stylish as their peers around the world. Details: