Incredible entries from Urban Photographer of the Year awards

October 20, 2014
It's often the case with art that the things in front of our noses that we wouldn't usually bat an eyelid at can in fact be the most remarkable. And nowhere is this more evident than in the 2014 Urban Photographer of the Year awards. The theme of this year's competition was 'Cities at Work', and it challenged photographers to capture images of beauty that best portray the reality of normal, day-to-day working life in their city.

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Out of 11,500 entries from 79 countries around the world, prizes were given out for each region plus 24 Hourly Winners that best illustrated the hour of the day at which they were taken. Here are the major prize winners, plus a few of our favourites from the Hourly Winners section:

Overall Winner - Marius Vieth, Masks of Society, Germany

Urban Photographer of the year winner.

Europe Middle East and Africa Winner - Carlos da Costa Branco, Dancing in the Street, Portugal

Urban Photographer of the year awards.

Asia Pacific Winner - Ly Hoang Long, Net Mending, Vietnam ly hoang long, net mending

Americas Winner - Johanna Siegmann, Buffer Zone, California

johanna siegmann buffer zone

Age 13-15 Winner - Sarah Scarborough, A Distant Silhouette, Italy

Sarah Scarborough,  a distant silhouette.

Age 16-25 Winner - Szabolcs Simó, Christmas Tram, Hungary

Szabolcs simo Christmas tram

12pm Winner - Sujan Sarkar, Sewage Worker, India

sewage worker photo competition.

4am Winner - Marius Vieth, Urban Geometry, Germany

urban geometry photo Germany.

7am Winner - Cymbie Yan, Morning, North Korea

north korea cycling photo

1pm Winner - Áron Süveg, Nappers, China

Urban Photographer of the year, 2014.

5am Winner - Somenath Mukhopadhyay, Dawn with Donkey, Turkey

Donkey in Turkey.

Midnight Winner - Chris Jonkind, Last Train, Japan

midnight winner, last train Japan.

2pm Winner - Derek Robertson, Intensity, Italy

Italian waiters.

6am Winner - Ross Magrath, Alley Check, UK

chef making notes in manchester, UK. Details: Visit