Introducing a gamechanger

December 19, 2014
Reputations can be a hard thing to shake off, but every now and then something comes along that rewrites all that came before it. For Lincoln, that something is the MKC. The sleek and stylish-looking crossover is the famous brand’s debut entry into the compact luxury crossover segment, and with the Gulf’s interest in compact SUVs red hot, the first ever Lincoln MKC already has us purring in anticipation. Loaded with everything from parking assist, lane keeping assistance, adaptive cruise control to automated parallel parking, the MKC can arguably stake a claim to the technology throne in the premium compact crossover category, while its upscale design; improved noise-cancelling interiors; and interactive technology – such as the embedded modem – sets the MKC apart as something a bit special. Sensors in the vehicle not only give the vehicle an approach detection system which allows it to notice when its owner is approaching – and greet him by lighting up the door handles – and also detect when its owner has arrived back onto his home driveway, and welcome him home. A nice touch, that. In early 2015, is going to put an MKC to the test with a live real-time review of the car on the open roads of the UAE. To follow our progress, keep an eye out for live updates on our Facebook and Twitter pages. For your chance to win your very own Lincoln MKC for a weekend, log on to Details: Starting from AED 160,000. for more visit