Introducing Mr Draper: The UAE's Personal Online Shopper

April 20, 2014
We know that our beloved readers are all a fashion-savvy bunch, but truth be told, trawling through shopping malls on a weekend, trying on new outfits is not the ideal way you would like to spend your limited time away from the office. Which is why we are currently grateful for the new Dubai-based, online company Mr Draper. Billed as the region’s first personalised men’s shopping service, Mr Draper looks to make buying clothes easier than it has ever been before, by delivering a selection of clothes to your door, free of charge. The service provides its customers with five days worth of outfits – picked out by their in-house stylist, based on your requirements – and delivers them to your home or office (in a stylish looking briefcase, naturally). You pay for any of the clothes that you want to keep, and send the rest back to them. It’s that easy. The remarkably simple process, merely involves you signing up to their website; picking out what styles you are looking for (smart, casual, sporty etc.); highlighting your size and what particular brands that you like and after a brief phone consultation with one of their stylists, you are on your way. The ideal way to buy clothes, without the hassle. Plus, shopping is a lot easier when you have someone do it for you. Details: visit